Seven Sure-fire Steps for Securing Engagement

[4 min read]


[Originally published 2014 - Updated Jul 2019]

Let’s start by remembering why we care: engagement increases discretionary effort and reduces counter-productive behaviour. Replicated research unequivocally demonstrates it’s a...

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How to uncover, hone and retain talent

[6 min read - If you prefer you can listen to this as a podcast here.]


Human beings are basically a brain. I know it feels more like we are actually a body because so much of life is about sensation. But the truth is that all of our experience,...

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How to embed leadership / cultural innovation in 5 moves

[6 min read]


1. Talk about why more than how

Are your leaders promoting what to do, and how to do it, rather than why it should be done, “your why” as Simon Sinek calls it? People won’t authenticate their leaders, ie won’t accept their...

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How to increase profits by increasing engagement in 6 steps.

[3 min read]


There are some brilliant engagement metrics available.  If you can it’s a good idea to choose or create one that measures the aspects of engagement your company is specifically interested in.  And nothing else – best to avoid the...

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Why you need a shared approach to Leadership, Engagement and Culture (in 500 words)

[3 min read]


It’s old news that these three things have a substantial impact on revenues, costs and growth:

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Leadership resilience is about more than eating pressure for breakfast!

[5 min read]


Leadership resilience is about keeping it together when stuff hits the fan and is the leadership challenge I hear most about:

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